Hi, I'm Tom. I design (and sometimes code) simple, strategic, evidence-based digital products to make customers and businesses get along better.

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App of the day Redesigning Movember’s app for mo’ donations

Movember is a non-profit focused on raising money for men’s health. Their fundraiser app was outdated, bloated and confusing, causing fundraiser drop-off.

I led the design team in redesigning the UX/UI and conceptualization of new features which improved engagement and session time by 25%.

Top #10 rank in Food & Drink Easy ordering for Australia’s fastest growing restaurant

Roll’d is one of Australia’s fastest growing fresh food chains. We were challenged with creating a simple and intuitive on-demand food ordering app to reduce foot traffic and queues within 72 stores.

I oversaw the entire app design process, including design sprints, user testing, service blueprinting workshops and UX/UI production. The app is currently being trialed in select retail outlets.

App of the day Using behavioral design to transform people's health

Sam Wood had proven product market fit from an existing web portal, but sought jtribe to increase accessibility of his 28 program by designing an app to transform people’s fitness and health in 28 days.

I led the app’s design direction and discovery by leading a product design sprint to conceptualize the customer onboarding experience, in addition to creating the underlying UX framework.

Pre-2016 Portfolio


A broad selection of older portfolio work ranging from 2012-2016

Work completed while working at PokerStars and WeAreDigital.


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